A SQL Server DBA myth a day

di Paul Randal

(1/30) in-flight transactions continue after a failover
(2/30) DBCC CHECKDB causes blocking
(3/30) instant file initialization can be controlled from within SQL Server
(4/30) DDL triggers are INSTEAD OF triggers
(5/30) AWE must be enabled on 64-bit servers
(6/30) three null bitmap myths
(7/30) multiple mirrors and log shipping load delays
(8/30) unicorns, rainbows, and online index operations
(9/30) data file shrink does not affect performance
(10/30) database mirroring detects failures immediately
(11/30) database mirroring failover is instantaneous
(12/30) tempdb should always have one data file per processor core
(13/30) you cannot run DMVs when in the 80 compat mode (T-SQL Tuesday #005)
(14/30) clearing the log zeroes out log records
(15/30) checkpoint only writes pages from committed transactions
(16/30) corruptions and repairs
(17/30) page checksums
(18/30) FILESTREAM storage, garbage collection, and more
(19/30) TRUNCATE TABLE is non-logged
(20/30) restarting a log backup chain requires a full database backup
(21/30) corruption can be fixed by restarting SQL Server
(22/30) resource governor allows IO governing
(23/30) lock escalation
(24/30) twenty six restore myths
(25/30) fill factor
(26/30) nested transactions are real
(28/30) BULK_LOGGED recovery model
(29/30) fixing heap fragmentation
(30/30) backup myths

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